Friday, 7 September 2012

We got our keys!!!

I am very excited to say we settled our house today!  We met with our SS, Kane, at 12:45 pm today and did our final walk through then went to the bank to pick up our cheque (not without drama) and then off to head office for our 3 pm meeting. 

We are now the proud owners of our very beautiful home. 

Went straight from head office to the house to crack open a bottle of bubbly and celebrate our new beginning.  Then we got stuck into cleaning.  Despite the builders cleaners having gone through the place, it was still very dirty.  Poor hubby has been cleaning the floors due to me hurting my back and being unable to do anything.  We get our first furniture delivery tomorrow morning which I am very excited about.  The whole move will be done and dusted by Monday afternoon.

We are really happy with our new home.  It is amazing that just 1 year ago (and 3 days....but who's counting???) we put the deposit down on our block of land and now here we are, ready to move in. 

SO much to do this weekend but I will be back next week with some photos once we have everything in!

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