Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Settlement Date Is Booked

We finally received the very anticipated email from our SS today with our Settlement Date.  We are booked in for lunchtime on Friday then to head office straight after.

We did have a few issues which ended in me emailing EB management.  We weren't happy with being told the same thing over and over again and nothing actually happening.  We did have a concern that our warranty period would be almost over by the time we moved in!  According to the website, the 13 week warranty starts from PCI.  Given that we are almost 6 weeks past PCI we weren't happy with this being the case.  We were assured that the 13 weeks would start from the date of settlement so that has made us very relieved!

This afternoon, we went up to the house to see the brickies had FINALLY been and replaced all the broken bricks.  The painters were there also doing some touch ups.  Tomorrow the brickies will finish off, the garage wall will be Moroka and the down pipes will be installed.  The only other thing to do is a big clean up!

So fingers crossed I will be back on Friday to show you our new house keys!

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