Saturday, 25 August 2012

The bricks

Our biggest headache (to date!) has been the bricks.  We did our PCI and there were a lot of cracked bricks (hair line cracks).  We have since been told that if the crack is under 2mm it isn't an issue, that it falls under the tolerance.  We got an email yesterday asking if we wanted to Moroka the garage and front of the house to speed up the settlement process.  We had no idea what Moroka was so we went and had a look at The Ponds display home (never thought we would have to go back out there again!!!).  Neither of us were thrilled with the finish so we said no, we just want the bricks sorted.

For those that don't know what moroka is, here is an example:


 So, now we are waiting to hear back from our SS as to what is going to happen and when we are going to be able to do our settlement.  It will be 4 weeks on Monday since our PCI so we are getting a little over it now as we were told 2-3 weeks from PCI to Settlement.

We shall see what the new week brings......hopefully some very good news.


  1. We used Regency. They have since been discontinued and were replaced by Kent