Sunday, 5 August 2012

Post PCI work

Firstly, I forgot to include the scratched benchtop in the ensuite on the list of things to fix.  Hubby so kindly pointed that out to me when he read through my list on the blog!!!!!!

The tilers were back and have finished the rear hallway which looks fantastic.  So, so happy with it!  There is some extra blue tape around the house so we are assuming that Tyrrell's have been and done their inspection. 

The driveway was finished off this week.  Very happy with it. 

Paving beginning

Paving complete

So hopefully now we will hear from our SS this week and find out when we are looking at our settlement date.


  1. Looking good! I chose the dark pavers too, so it's nice to see what they'll look like when completed! :)

    1. We are really happy with how they look (thank goodness!!!) It is so hard making the choice when you are looking at tiny samples.

  2. Did you have a Tyrell's inspection at the linings stage? How many do you get?

  3. We had 2 - one at linings and one at PCI (roughly)