Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Getting closer

We met with our SS this morning and went over the brick issues.  So, we are having all the broken bricks around the outside of the house fix, any mortar touch ups that need doing will be done.  The inside of the garage wall will be Moroka (bag & paint) which will cover up the cracks in the bricks.  The cracks are purely a cosmetic issue not structural so this will just make it look better and save them having to replace every single brick!!!!

So the big big big exciting is looking like we will get our keys at the end of next week!!!!  I am very excited (in case you couldn't tell).  I can't wait to get hold of those keys and know it is finally ours.

We realised today that we started this process almost a year ago to the day.  We paid the deposit for the block of land on Father's Day last year.  It's amazing how fast the year has gone and how close we are to moving into our little home. 

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