Friday, 13 July 2012

PCI is getting closer!

Exciting news!!!!  We got an email from EBH yesterday saying that the build is nearing completion and attached the final invoice to send to the bank.  Our PCI will be booked soon then it is about a week after that we will pick up ours keys to our brand new home!

Ok, exciting news out of the way and now some not so exciting news.....but hopefully not an issue either.

Hubby had a look at the house the other day and the tilers were there so they let him have a sticky beak.  The rear hallway was originally carpet but we changed that to tiles at our tender presentation.  He asked them when they were going to lay those tiles and they told him their paperwork said it is carpet.  So, emailed our SS and he sent an email off to Di Lorenzo straight away so hopefully this will be sorted before they lay the carpet.  Phew.  Glad that is taken care of.

And a little picture taken through the window when hubby got to look in!!!  (sorry for the quality - it is from his mobile)

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