Saturday, 21 July 2012

PCI Date!

We spoke with our SS yesterday and had a quick recap on what's been happening.  At the moment we are waiting for the gas people to come and hook up the gas line.  Once that is done the driveway can be finished. 
Left to do is the carpet, tiling the rear hallway and ripping up the alfresco tiles and re-laying those in the correct colour.  And of course installing the oven etc. 

So.......PCI date.  He said either the 30th or 31st July.  We have requested the 30th as it is a whole lot easier with babysitters and work commitments so fingers crossed we can do that!

It is getting so much closer now.

I'm frantically trying to figure out the last minute things.  I met with a guy yesterday to discuss window coverings.  He is going to get back to me with a price.  At this stage, we are looking at shutters for our bedroom and roman blockout blinds for the rest of the house. 

And our landscaping plan.  We are only have grass out the back so that is pretty easy.  I will eventually put a veggie garden in but that is definitely not a priority right now. Out the front we will have two gardens.  One up the top from the footpath back to the garage.  In this we are having hedgemaster lillypilly, red fountain cordyline and compact blue flax lily.  The other garden will be outside our bedroom window.  This will have gardenias and blue flax lily.

Some pictures!

Compact Blue Flax Lily

Lillypilly Hedgemaster

Red Fountain Cordyline


  1. All great, hardy plant choices. The gardenias will smell divine :) Can't wait to see your landscaping come to life.

  2. Those plant choices look great! :)