Tuesday, 31 July 2012

PCI Done!

We met with our SS yesterday for our PCI.  When we got there, the painters were already inside working.  Started outside and found a lot of cracked bricks and chipped bricks.  There is also some sections where the mortar needs to be touched up.  Lots of blue tape spots all over the bricks!!!!  Move inside and there were a lot of paint touch ups needed.  After 3 1/2 hours, we had about 22 things on our list of things to be fixed.  Aside from the bricks/mortar/paint they included:

Changing soap dishes in showers (we upgraded and standard were installed)
Change alfresco tiles to correct tile
Move a power point to correct spot
Add a wardrobe door (one missing in my son's room)
Finish tiling to rear hallway
Replace a few tiles that were loose or chipped (laundry/bathroom/ensuite)
Fix a few tiles on the roof
Fix leaking guttering at front of house

So overall, nothing major.  The biggest job would probably be changing all the outside tiles to the correct colour.  SS said 2-3 weeks but will let us know next week when our settlement date would be. 

We also met with the landscaper yesterday to discuss the retaining wall out the back.  Waiting to get the quote back in for that one.  Also had our blinds guy come and do the final measure up for the roman blinds and shutters. 

Got a bit of shopping to do still.  Looking for bar stools at the moment.  I think I may have found some that will work. Just have to get hubby to have a look.  The rest of my shopping will have to wait until we have the settlement date!!!!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Driveway poured & PCI date confirmed

I spoke with our SS today and had our PCI appointment confirmed for 10am Monday!  4 sleeps!!!!!  Going to be the longest 4 days (I say that now...I'm sure the 4 days before we pick up the keys will drag on even more!).  So grateful that my mum is coming up to look after the kids.  Couldn't think of anything worse than taking a 4 1/2 year old and a 22 month old to do PCI.

The landscapers were at the house again today doing the driveway.  They poured the concrete this afternoon and will pave it next week.  I am really happy with how it is looking (although hubby isn't as thrilled with my executive decision about how far out the concrete should be from the garage!).  We have a turning bay which will no doubt be an excellent extra parking space or two when we have visitors.

So not long to go now.  I contacted our mortgage broker to follow up our final payment.  Their valuer still needs to go and look at the house and hopefully that will be done early next week. 

I am desperate to finish my shopping but really can't until we have the keys.  My Ikea list is growing daily.  Went looking for some cushions for the new lounge today but came home with nothing.  I think I will just duck into spotlight on Saturday after work (when I am child free) and have a look and hopefully I can find what I like.

Here are some photos from todays work:

Saturday, 21 July 2012

PCI Date!

We spoke with our SS yesterday and had a quick recap on what's been happening.  At the moment we are waiting for the gas people to come and hook up the gas line.  Once that is done the driveway can be finished. 
Left to do is the carpet, tiling the rear hallway and ripping up the alfresco tiles and re-laying those in the correct colour.  And of course installing the oven etc. 

So.......PCI date.  He said either the 30th or 31st July.  We have requested the 30th as it is a whole lot easier with babysitters and work commitments so fingers crossed we can do that!

It is getting so much closer now.

I'm frantically trying to figure out the last minute things.  I met with a guy yesterday to discuss window coverings.  He is going to get back to me with a price.  At this stage, we are looking at shutters for our bedroom and roman blockout blinds for the rest of the house. 

And our landscaping plan.  We are only have grass out the back so that is pretty easy.  I will eventually put a veggie garden in but that is definitely not a priority right now. Out the front we will have two gardens.  One up the top from the footpath back to the garage.  In this we are having hedgemaster lillypilly, red fountain cordyline and compact blue flax lily.  The other garden will be outside our bedroom window.  This will have gardenias and blue flax lily.

Some pictures!

Compact Blue Flax Lily

Lillypilly Hedgemaster

Red Fountain Cordyline

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Driveway and door handles

We went up to the house early yesterday morning and the guy was there with his bobcat digging out the driveway! We had a chat with them about doing a few extra things so that was all sorted. While we were there I saw a guy putting all the door handles in. All that is left is the carpet, the tiles to the rear hallway and then installing the appliances etc. Still no word on when PCI is but fingers crossed it is soon!

Friday, 13 July 2012

PCI is getting closer!

Exciting news!!!!  We got an email from EBH yesterday saying that the build is nearing completion and attached the final invoice to send to the bank.  Our PCI will be booked soon then it is about a week after that we will pick up ours keys to our brand new home!

Ok, exciting news out of the way and now some not so exciting news.....but hopefully not an issue either.

Hubby had a look at the house the other day and the tilers were there so they let him have a sticky beak.  The rear hallway was originally carpet but we changed that to tiles at our tender presentation.  He asked them when they were going to lay those tiles and they told him their paperwork said it is carpet.  So, emailed our SS and he sent an email off to Di Lorenzo straight away so hopefully this will be sorted before they lay the carpet.  Phew.  Glad that is taken care of.

And a little picture taken through the window when hubby got to look in!!!  (sorry for the quality - it is from his mobile)