Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Onsite inspection today and what did we find???

We arranged an onsite inspection with our SS just to touch base and see what is happening.  We went in and there was our kitchen!!!!  Well, the cupboards anyway.  Benchtops to follow but we can finally see what the kitchen is going to be like.  We are so thrilled with the cupboards.  I am so, so happy with the rear opening cupboards.  They are massive and will definitely hold all our platters etc that take up space.  And I am really happy that we managed to utilise all the space possible.

We then went into the bathroom and there is the vanity and sink!!!!  Again, so happy with our choices.  The vanity is also in our ensuite and I love them both.  I am so happy with our colour choices.  Was a little worried but not anymore.

So the next step is the tiler will be in to tile the wet areas, then the painters come in.  Painters???  I can't believe we are up to painters!!!!  Everything is looking so much more real.

We discussed the bricks.  I can't believe how much drama bricks can cause.  He said they will keep getting them back until it is right.  So that has made us happy.

Now for some pictures!





  1. How exciting! Congratulations, everything looks great.

    I can't wait for us to be at the same stage one day :)

  2. Your bathroom looks almost identical to ours.. I thought maybe blogger had messed up some pictures..lol

    What can I say? Looks great - awesome colour choice ;)

  3. It is so exciting!

    Mullos, how funny. You must have aweesome taste as well :)