Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Lock up!

We've been waiting to hear those magical words, and today we did - you've reached lock up!!  Ok, so it was more in the form of an email saying "Attached is your invoice - please pay us lots of money".  But still, we are finally there!  We had hoped to have been at lock up about a month ago but with the dramas we had, I'm happy to just be here.

So I thought I'd drive past on my way home tonight and see what lock up looked like.  Kind of not a lot different to before we got the email....or so I thought.  I looked into the garage and we have been gyprocked!!!!!  It was quite dark so I could only see the garage but that was exciting enough for me.  I'm hoping to go past tomorrow afternoon after work and see if I can spy more gyprock in the daylight. 

I am trying REALLY hard to contain my excitement as I know we are still a little while off getting the keys but it was very exciting to see that once the bank makes this payment, we have ONE payment left then it's ours!!!!!!!!! 

So from our side of the "build"...we are doing a lot of things after handover.  Mainly electrical, landscaping and more kitchen cupboards, wardrobe fitout and laundry fit out.

We went looking at lights the other day.  Most unsuccessful shopping trip ever.  Who would think choosing down lights would be SOOOOOOO difficult???  So we abandoned light shopping for furniture shopping.  Now that was a whole lot more fun.  We have found the fridge we are going to get.  It is a french door fridge with the water/ice maker in the front.  It is about 150 L bigger than what we currently have.  I am really looking forward to having more fridge space as our current fridge is barely coping now the kids are getting a bit bigger.  So fridge is done.

We went looking at lounges.  That is going to be a very big decision.  It is for our lounge room (kids get our current lounge) and we have seen a few we like but just have to wait until the walls are up so we can measure the exact size of the room and go from there.  I found a shop that does custom made lounges so we are going to have a chat with them also.  I fell in love with a chair they had and am seriously trying to figure out how I can fit it into the house.  It was so comfy. 

Oh, and we got our ceiling fans.  So that is one thing we can definitely cross off our list.  One down, a million things to go.


  1. Gratz on lockup! We had lockup last Friday.. It's good to see doors on the house.. bad that we can no longer mosey around :)

    1. Congrats on your lock up too!!!!!! Hahaha, yeah true :)