Monday, 28 May 2012

What's been happening at our place

We had been to check out the house and had a few concerns.  The brickies had been back to re-do the mortar (they did a section the wrong colour!!!) and the new colour was still very, very wrong.  We spoke with our temporary SS today (our's is on holidays at the moment) and he is well and truly on top of everything.  The brickies will be back this week to not only re-do the mortar but also the bricks under all our windows as they aren't far enough out from the window as they should be (or something along those lines). 

Honestly, we can't fault EBH.  Any issue that we have had, they have already been and arranged for the problem to be recitifed before we have made the phone call. 

Once our SS is happy with everything, he will sign off on it and then Tyrell's come through and do their inspection.  Then they will start on the linings!!!

So glad things are going relatively smoothly.

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