Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Work has begun!

Finally, our little house has hit "construction" stage.  Our administration stage is COMPLETE.  We went to the block today and saw they had been in levelled the block out ready for the slab.  Very excited.

Here is a little picture of the block now (and our 4 year old)


  1. Hi there,
    linked through to your blog through H1.
    We are at the very start of our build (still deciding on land). But the Saville is high on our list of houses we like.
    Where abouts are you building. We're looking at The Ponds and Kellyville Ridge.
    Hope you don't mind me jumping on board for your journey.

  2. Hi
    Good luck with the land!!!! We are building in Glenwood. The Saville was one of our favourites from day 1.
    Hopefully we will have more to update soon!!!