Saturday, 28 January 2012

Who would have thought shelves could be so draining!!!!

Well, today was spent driving all over Sydney to look at the different shelves in pantries.  We have upgraded to melamine so wanted to see what the gap between the shelves would be.  Naturally, every house we looked in had the wire shelving system in it!!!

So after spending 3 hours driving around we came home to put the little one to bed before embarking on another journey to yet another display centre.  We are trying to finalise our drawings and need to figure out where to put the power point in the pantry...and also whether the microwave will indeed fit in the pantry (hence trying to find the shelves to check the distance between them!)

And during the process the husband makes a comment about things we can have in the next house we build!!!!  I can't believe he is already thinking of building another house before the slab has even been poured!!!!!!!

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