Friday, 7 September 2012

We got our keys!!!

I am very excited to say we settled our house today!  We met with our SS, Kane, at 12:45 pm today and did our final walk through then went to the bank to pick up our cheque (not without drama) and then off to head office for our 3 pm meeting. 

We are now the proud owners of our very beautiful home. 

Went straight from head office to the house to crack open a bottle of bubbly and celebrate our new beginning.  Then we got stuck into cleaning.  Despite the builders cleaners having gone through the place, it was still very dirty.  Poor hubby has been cleaning the floors due to me hurting my back and being unable to do anything.  We get our first furniture delivery tomorrow morning which I am very excited about.  The whole move will be done and dusted by Monday afternoon.

We are really happy with our new home.  It is amazing that just 1 year ago (and 3 days....but who's counting???) we put the deposit down on our block of land and now here we are, ready to move in. 

SO much to do this weekend but I will be back next week with some photos once we have everything in!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Settlement Date Is Booked

We finally received the very anticipated email from our SS today with our Settlement Date.  We are booked in for lunchtime on Friday then to head office straight after.

We did have a few issues which ended in me emailing EB management.  We weren't happy with being told the same thing over and over again and nothing actually happening.  We did have a concern that our warranty period would be almost over by the time we moved in!  According to the website, the 13 week warranty starts from PCI.  Given that we are almost 6 weeks past PCI we weren't happy with this being the case.  We were assured that the 13 weeks would start from the date of settlement so that has made us very relieved!

This afternoon, we went up to the house to see the brickies had FINALLY been and replaced all the broken bricks.  The painters were there also doing some touch ups.  Tomorrow the brickies will finish off, the garage wall will be Moroka and the down pipes will be installed.  The only other thing to do is a big clean up!

So fingers crossed I will be back on Friday to show you our new house keys!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Getting closer

We met with our SS this morning and went over the brick issues.  So, we are having all the broken bricks around the outside of the house fix, any mortar touch ups that need doing will be done.  The inside of the garage wall will be Moroka (bag & paint) which will cover up the cracks in the bricks.  The cracks are purely a cosmetic issue not structural so this will just make it look better and save them having to replace every single brick!!!!

So the big big big exciting is looking like we will get our keys at the end of next week!!!!  I am very excited (in case you couldn't tell).  I can't wait to get hold of those keys and know it is finally ours.

We realised today that we started this process almost a year ago to the day.  We paid the deposit for the block of land on Father's Day last year.  It's amazing how fast the year has gone and how close we are to moving into our little home. 

Saturday, 25 August 2012

The bricks

Our biggest headache (to date!) has been the bricks.  We did our PCI and there were a lot of cracked bricks (hair line cracks).  We have since been told that if the crack is under 2mm it isn't an issue, that it falls under the tolerance.  We got an email yesterday asking if we wanted to Moroka the garage and front of the house to speed up the settlement process.  We had no idea what Moroka was so we went and had a look at The Ponds display home (never thought we would have to go back out there again!!!).  Neither of us were thrilled with the finish so we said no, we just want the bricks sorted.

For those that don't know what moroka is, here is an example:


 So, now we are waiting to hear back from our SS as to what is going to happen and when we are going to be able to do our settlement.  It will be 4 weeks on Monday since our PCI so we are getting a little over it now as we were told 2-3 weeks from PCI to Settlement.

We shall see what the new week brings......hopefully some very good news.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Waiting, waiting, waiting......

We still haven't heard about when we can expect settlement.  From what we can tell, the inside is all sorted but the bricks are still the issue.  They were supposed to be in last week but didn't make an appearance and they haven't been in this week yet either.  Getting a little frustrated right now!!! 

Other work is being done though which is good.  Our fence started going in yesterday and should be done by today (all going well!).  The landscapers are coming through next week (I think) to do the retaining wall out the back. 

I am hoping to have a more positive update very soon!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Post PCI work

Firstly, I forgot to include the scratched benchtop in the ensuite on the list of things to fix.  Hubby so kindly pointed that out to me when he read through my list on the blog!!!!!!

The tilers were back and have finished the rear hallway which looks fantastic.  So, so happy with it!  There is some extra blue tape around the house so we are assuming that Tyrrell's have been and done their inspection. 

The driveway was finished off this week.  Very happy with it. 

Paving beginning

Paving complete

So hopefully now we will hear from our SS this week and find out when we are looking at our settlement date.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

PCI Done!

We met with our SS yesterday for our PCI.  When we got there, the painters were already inside working.  Started outside and found a lot of cracked bricks and chipped bricks.  There is also some sections where the mortar needs to be touched up.  Lots of blue tape spots all over the bricks!!!!  Move inside and there were a lot of paint touch ups needed.  After 3 1/2 hours, we had about 22 things on our list of things to be fixed.  Aside from the bricks/mortar/paint they included:

Changing soap dishes in showers (we upgraded and standard were installed)
Change alfresco tiles to correct tile
Move a power point to correct spot
Add a wardrobe door (one missing in my son's room)
Finish tiling to rear hallway
Replace a few tiles that were loose or chipped (laundry/bathroom/ensuite)
Fix a few tiles on the roof
Fix leaking guttering at front of house

So overall, nothing major.  The biggest job would probably be changing all the outside tiles to the correct colour.  SS said 2-3 weeks but will let us know next week when our settlement date would be. 

We also met with the landscaper yesterday to discuss the retaining wall out the back.  Waiting to get the quote back in for that one.  Also had our blinds guy come and do the final measure up for the roman blinds and shutters. 

Got a bit of shopping to do still.  Looking for bar stools at the moment.  I think I may have found some that will work. Just have to get hubby to have a look.  The rest of my shopping will have to wait until we have the settlement date!!!!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Driveway poured & PCI date confirmed

I spoke with our SS today and had our PCI appointment confirmed for 10am Monday!  4 sleeps!!!!!  Going to be the longest 4 days (I say that now...I'm sure the 4 days before we pick up the keys will drag on even more!).  So grateful that my mum is coming up to look after the kids.  Couldn't think of anything worse than taking a 4 1/2 year old and a 22 month old to do PCI.

The landscapers were at the house again today doing the driveway.  They poured the concrete this afternoon and will pave it next week.  I am really happy with how it is looking (although hubby isn't as thrilled with my executive decision about how far out the concrete should be from the garage!).  We have a turning bay which will no doubt be an excellent extra parking space or two when we have visitors.

So not long to go now.  I contacted our mortgage broker to follow up our final payment.  Their valuer still needs to go and look at the house and hopefully that will be done early next week. 

I am desperate to finish my shopping but really can't until we have the keys.  My Ikea list is growing daily.  Went looking for some cushions for the new lounge today but came home with nothing.  I think I will just duck into spotlight on Saturday after work (when I am child free) and have a look and hopefully I can find what I like.

Here are some photos from todays work:

Saturday, 21 July 2012

PCI Date!

We spoke with our SS yesterday and had a quick recap on what's been happening.  At the moment we are waiting for the gas people to come and hook up the gas line.  Once that is done the driveway can be finished. 
Left to do is the carpet, tiling the rear hallway and ripping up the alfresco tiles and re-laying those in the correct colour.  And of course installing the oven etc. 

So.......PCI date.  He said either the 30th or 31st July.  We have requested the 30th as it is a whole lot easier with babysitters and work commitments so fingers crossed we can do that!

It is getting so much closer now.

I'm frantically trying to figure out the last minute things.  I met with a guy yesterday to discuss window coverings.  He is going to get back to me with a price.  At this stage, we are looking at shutters for our bedroom and roman blockout blinds for the rest of the house. 

And our landscaping plan.  We are only have grass out the back so that is pretty easy.  I will eventually put a veggie garden in but that is definitely not a priority right now. Out the front we will have two gardens.  One up the top from the footpath back to the garage.  In this we are having hedgemaster lillypilly, red fountain cordyline and compact blue flax lily.  The other garden will be outside our bedroom window.  This will have gardenias and blue flax lily.

Some pictures!

Compact Blue Flax Lily

Lillypilly Hedgemaster

Red Fountain Cordyline

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Driveway and door handles

We went up to the house early yesterday morning and the guy was there with his bobcat digging out the driveway! We had a chat with them about doing a few extra things so that was all sorted. While we were there I saw a guy putting all the door handles in. All that is left is the carpet, the tiles to the rear hallway and then installing the appliances etc. Still no word on when PCI is but fingers crossed it is soon!

Friday, 13 July 2012

PCI is getting closer!

Exciting news!!!!  We got an email from EBH yesterday saying that the build is nearing completion and attached the final invoice to send to the bank.  Our PCI will be booked soon then it is about a week after that we will pick up ours keys to our brand new home!

Ok, exciting news out of the way and now some not so exciting news.....but hopefully not an issue either.

Hubby had a look at the house the other day and the tilers were there so they let him have a sticky beak.  The rear hallway was originally carpet but we changed that to tiles at our tender presentation.  He asked them when they were going to lay those tiles and they told him their paperwork said it is carpet.  So, emailed our SS and he sent an email off to Di Lorenzo straight away so hopefully this will be sorted before they lay the carpet.  Phew.  Glad that is taken care of.

And a little picture taken through the window when hubby got to look in!!!  (sorry for the quality - it is from his mobile)

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Painters are in!

So excited to report the painters have been at the house.  No idea how much has been done but the car was there so that is very exciting!!

We have about 9 weeks until our scheduled end date so that is making it even more real.

I'm now trying to work out window coverings and furniture.  So many decisions!!!!   I am also going to do some more packing.  Not sure what else can be packed but I"m sure I'll find something.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Onsite inspection today and what did we find???

We arranged an onsite inspection with our SS just to touch base and see what is happening.  We went in and there was our kitchen!!!!  Well, the cupboards anyway.  Benchtops to follow but we can finally see what the kitchen is going to be like.  We are so thrilled with the cupboards.  I am so, so happy with the rear opening cupboards.  They are massive and will definitely hold all our platters etc that take up space.  And I am really happy that we managed to utilise all the space possible.

We then went into the bathroom and there is the vanity and sink!!!!  Again, so happy with our choices.  The vanity is also in our ensuite and I love them both.  I am so happy with our colour choices.  Was a little worried but not anymore.

So the next step is the tiler will be in to tile the wet areas, then the painters come in.  Painters???  I can't believe we are up to painters!!!!  Everything is looking so much more real.

We discussed the bricks.  I can't believe how much drama bricks can cause.  He said they will keep getting them back until it is right.  So that has made us happy.

Now for some pictures!




Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Lock up!

We've been waiting to hear those magical words, and today we did - you've reached lock up!!  Ok, so it was more in the form of an email saying "Attached is your invoice - please pay us lots of money".  But still, we are finally there!  We had hoped to have been at lock up about a month ago but with the dramas we had, I'm happy to just be here.

So I thought I'd drive past on my way home tonight and see what lock up looked like.  Kind of not a lot different to before we got the email....or so I thought.  I looked into the garage and we have been gyprocked!!!!!  It was quite dark so I could only see the garage but that was exciting enough for me.  I'm hoping to go past tomorrow afternoon after work and see if I can spy more gyprock in the daylight. 

I am trying REALLY hard to contain my excitement as I know we are still a little while off getting the keys but it was very exciting to see that once the bank makes this payment, we have ONE payment left then it's ours!!!!!!!!! 

So from our side of the "build"...we are doing a lot of things after handover.  Mainly electrical, landscaping and more kitchen cupboards, wardrobe fitout and laundry fit out.

We went looking at lights the other day.  Most unsuccessful shopping trip ever.  Who would think choosing down lights would be SOOOOOOO difficult???  So we abandoned light shopping for furniture shopping.  Now that was a whole lot more fun.  We have found the fridge we are going to get.  It is a french door fridge with the water/ice maker in the front.  It is about 150 L bigger than what we currently have.  I am really looking forward to having more fridge space as our current fridge is barely coping now the kids are getting a bit bigger.  So fridge is done.

We went looking at lounges.  That is going to be a very big decision.  It is for our lounge room (kids get our current lounge) and we have seen a few we like but just have to wait until the walls are up so we can measure the exact size of the room and go from there.  I found a shop that does custom made lounges so we are going to have a chat with them also.  I fell in love with a chair they had and am seriously trying to figure out how I can fit it into the house.  It was so comfy. 

Oh, and we got our ceiling fans.  So that is one thing we can definitely cross off our list.  One down, a million things to go.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Still waiting.....

Nothing seems to have happened in the past 2 weeks.  Getting a little bit frustrated now.  Ok, so when I say nothing - I mean brick wise.  We do have insulation now so that is a bonus.  I just wish the brickies would get sorted and finish the job. 

We have a back fence now too.  Not thrilled with it at all.  We had decided on a cream fence but the neighbours have ok'd cream with brown posts!!!!!  Considering our house has black windows and roof, I DEFINITELY wouldn't have gone with brown.  I am still trying to figure out what to do with this.  At worst, it will be painted.  We can't put anything along the fence and it is something that we have to look out at every single day and well, it is not what I want.  None of our other fences will have brown so I'm far from impressed about this one. 

Monday, 28 May 2012

What's been happening at our place

We had been to check out the house and had a few concerns.  The brickies had been back to re-do the mortar (they did a section the wrong colour!!!) and the new colour was still very, very wrong.  We spoke with our temporary SS today (our's is on holidays at the moment) and he is well and truly on top of everything.  The brickies will be back this week to not only re-do the mortar but also the bricks under all our windows as they aren't far enough out from the window as they should be (or something along those lines). 

Honestly, we can't fault EBH.  Any issue that we have had, they have already been and arranged for the problem to be recitifed before we have made the phone call. 

Once our SS is happy with everything, he will sign off on it and then Tyrell's come through and do their inspection.  Then they will start on the linings!!!

So glad things are going relatively smoothly.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Electrical rough in done!

We have had a bit more progress - the electrician has been and done the rough in.  We need to chat with our stand in SS (ours is on holidays) about a couple of things.  I must admit, it seems like the work has stalled.  It hasn't, but because it is now internal stuff, it is much less obvious from the outside!!!

We met one of our neighbours on the weekend too so that was exciting.

Hopefully more to update soon.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Brickwork, roof and eaves are done

So much has been happening.  The brickwork was completed on the 1st May.  The roof started on Friday 4th May and was finished the next day!!!  It makes such a difference to the house - it is really looking like a house now (which is a good sign!). 
The air conditioner has been roughed in and the cladding is done at the front.  The eaves have gone in as well.  It is amazing just how quickly these things go in. 

This week the electrician will be coming in to finish the rough in then we will be at lock up stage. 

We had a slight issue with the brick work - there were 2 mortars used.  We spoke with our site supervisor and he said it was the wrong colour delivered and that it will be fixed this week.  Phew. 

We will go and get more pictures over the weekend but here are a few from the past few weeks.

More brickwork:

Back of the house:


Plumbing in the main bathroom:

The roof!!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Brickwork recommenced

Not much has been happening.  We were hoping to have finished the brickwork just after Easter but that didn't happen.  Then we were hit with rain (and lots of it!).

I am very happy to say the brickies were back on site today and it looks as though one side of the house is complete.  Not sure about the back but at least there is some progress.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Brick laying has commenced

The plumber did the rough in on Monday and Tuesday.  The bricks were delivered on Tuesday and they began laying them yesterday and today.  Hopefully they will be finished by the end of next week (as long as the weather holds out of course!)

This was what was done today

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Frame complete

We went and had a look today and were very surprised to see the windows in.  Then we got an email to say the frame was complete.  Plumber is booked for rough in next week and hopefully the brickwork will be done the week after Easter. 

Here are a few pictures:

Main bedroom
Main bedroom
Bedroom 4

Lounge room

Kids playroom
Dining room

Bedroom 4
Main bathroom
Bedroom 3

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Frame work has started

The frames were delievered to the site yesterday and when I drove past this morning, they had already done about half the house!!!!  On my way home from work this afternoon, this is what I saw:

I was so excited!!!  And shocked.  Couldn't believe how quickly they had put it all up.  Starting to look like a house!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Concrete slab - we have one!!!

It was very exciting driving to work this morning and seeing the concrete truck at our site!!!!!  So now we have a proper slab. 

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The slab has begun

It's getting exciting now!!!  The land was excavated around the 7th March, and now we have a waffle pod.  It's amazing just how small the house looks right now!!!!!  I knew it was by no means a gigantic house but this is looking VERY small.  Fingers crossed it looks better once the walls are up.

Here are a few progress pics. 

The waste area (I know, thrilling!)

The silt fence

The beginnings of the house!!!!

The waffle pods are down

Hopefully we will have concrete soon!!!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Work has begun!

Finally, our little house has hit "construction" stage.  Our administration stage is COMPLETE.  We went to the block today and saw they had been in levelled the block out ready for the slab.  Very excited.

Here is a little picture of the block now (and our 4 year old)

Monday, 13 February 2012

We have some pegs!!!!

Things are getting to the end of the admin process which means the actual building will start soon!!!!  We are just waiting on the letter of authority to arrive from the bank then we can "officially" start.

We drove past the block yesterday and saw these pretty little red pegs in our block!  It is getting so close now.  Our only thing now is this weather.  Will it be fine when they are ready to start digging??????  I hope so!

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Who would have thought shelves could be so draining!!!!

Well, today was spent driving all over Sydney to look at the different shelves in pantries.  We have upgraded to melamine so wanted to see what the gap between the shelves would be.  Naturally, every house we looked in had the wire shelving system in it!!!

So after spending 3 hours driving around we came home to put the little one to bed before embarking on another journey to yet another display centre.  We are trying to finalise our drawings and need to figure out where to put the power point in the pantry...and also whether the microwave will indeed fit in the pantry (hence trying to find the shelves to check the distance between them!)

And during the process the husband makes a comment about things we can have in the next house we build!!!!  I can't believe he is already thinking of building another house before the slab has even been poured!!!!!!!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Council Approval!

We have had our plans approved through council!!!!  So now we just have to play the waiting game until the end of Feb when the building starts.