Tuesday, 1 November 2011


We went out to PGH on Saturday and chose our bricks/tiles etc.  That was relatively painless.
After that we went to Di Lorenzo and had the fun task of look at all the options we could choose from.  There were a LOT in the standard range.  So we looked at floor tiles, carpets and tiles for the bathroom.  At this stage, we have decided on everything but we have our colour consultation on Thursday so we will see if anything changes.  We have a rough idea on what we are looking for with our kitchen as well so hopefully it won't take as long as they have allowed for us (6 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Our plans have been submitted for BASIX approval so that is exciting.  Don't really know what it means but it is nice to have dates against all the things that have to be sorted before they can start building!

Will have pictures to share after our appointment on Thursday.

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