Friday, 30 September 2011

Our plans so far

On the 4th September (Father's Day!!!), we paid our holidng deposit on our block of land.  Earlier this week, we paid the balance of our deposit and we are looking at settling at the end of October.
We had been looking at Eden Brae homes and they had a house drawn up to suit our block....happened to be the design we had been looking at already.  So we paid our deposit with Eden Brae on the 8th September.  Busy week.

This week, we met with Tanya at Eden Brae's head office and went through our tender.  Naturally, when we got home I thought of a few things that we were supposed to ask her so I have to email her about those!!!!  Overall though, it is looking good.

We decided to go and have a look at a few colour options.  There are so many choices.  Spending the weekend trying to find something we both like and hopefully agree on it.

Holy cow we're building a house!!!!!

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  1. Congratulations. That is so good. The blog is a great idea as you will forget things along the way if you don't document them. Some photos .... Love Mum